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The New Concorde Super Space Liner XXL Motorhome

The New 2011 Concorde Super Space Liner 2200 XXL

1st April 2011

Introducing the New 2011 Concorde Liner 2200 XXL Motorhome

Need More Space? Don't Want to Go Longer. Go Up!

It's the answer to that age old motorhome dilemma, I want more space, but I don't want to go longer.

Now the brilliant engineers at Concorde have come up with the ideal solution. Go Up!

Introducing the all new 2011 Concorde Liner 2200 XXL Motorhome.

The new Concorde model is beautifully appointed, with a large spacious lower deck with seating for 32 (56 standing), a jump on/jump off rear, that is sure to make it a hit amongst the British Motorhome buying public, a spiral staircase and an upstairs bedroom even bigger than the rooms at the Premier Inn at Pontefract South.

For more information on this stunning new motorhome, or to arrange a test drive in the nearest bus lane please contact Andrew Ayling, General Manager at Southdowns Motorhome Centre on 02392 674820

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