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Laika Motorhomes head to South America for the 2015 Dakar race

January 2015 see two Laika motorhomes heading off to South America for the Dakar

November 2013

Laika Motorhomes support Honda on 37th Dakar

Ecovip 309 and Kreos 3001 heading to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia

2015 will see an important new challenge for Laika; the 37th edition of the Dakar race.

Laika have accepted an offer from the world famous Honda Racing Corporation for a reliable and prestigious motorhome brand to accompany their riders during the 2015 Dakar race.

The famous, fascinating and dangerous race has a circular route starting and finishing in Buenos Airies, South America. The sand of the dunes of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia will be the scene of the arduous trip between 4th and 17th January 2015.

The two Laika motorhomes are the low-profile Laika Ecovip 309 on a Fiat Ducato chassis and the coachbuilt Laika Kreos 3001 on the Iveco Daily chassis. The two vehicles have different specifications but both share all the advantages of a Laika; outstanding insulation properties. They'll need them too if they are to protect the drivers from the scorching heat of the desert on the one hand and the arctic temperatures of the Andes, more than 400m above sea level, on the other hand.

The Honda Racing Corporation's riders, Helder Rodrigues, Joan Barreda, Paulo Goncalves, Isreal Jermaias will use the two Laika motorhomes like real homes in which they can relax after each race. The have big beds for well earned sleep, and ample living area space for use as a mobile office whilst preparing the daily road book.

Another rider for the Honda Racing Corporation is the 'Superwoman' of Off-Road Motorcycle competition, Laia Sanz. After much success in trials riding, Laia has recently been looking for other challenges in both Enduro and now Dakar. Laia recently won her third world title in Enduro racing whilst in Dakar last year she was the best placed woman, 16th overall. Laia has her own Laika motorhome that she uses in Europe.

Martino Bianchi, General Manager of HRC explained the reasons that led to the Japanese team to chose Laika; "It's the first time that HRC has had a sponsorship deal with a motorhome manufacturer. The choice of Laika is based on the quality of the vehicles...HRC needs super vehicles tested in the most inaccessible climatic conditions.

Follow all the stages of the Laika Kreos and Laika Ecovip 309 during the Dakar 2015 from 4th to 17th January on and on the Laika facebook page.


Honda Racing Corporation go on Dakar with Laika