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Laika Artic Experience

Laika Arctic Experience to the Polar Circle

January 2012

Laika Arctic Experience

Trip to the Arctic Polar Circle in Conjunction with

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In collaboration with CamperOnLine, Laika Caravans S.p.A. is organising the Laika Arctic Experience 2012, an expedition that is scheduled to reach the Arctic Polar Circle during the months of January and February on board the very newest integral Laika KREOS 8010.

This journey of 10,000 km towards the Great North of Europe in the middle of winter, during the coldest months of the year, in order to put the Laika KREOS 8010 and the technical solutions that distinguish it to the test for more than one month, will follow an itinerary that will take it to the heart of Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland.

The KREOS 8010 was not built “ad hoc” for this unusual adventure, but was chosen for the standard characteristics that it presents, which make it suitable for use in regions that have cold climates. Laika utilises Styrofoam as an insulating material for walls, roofing, and flooring for all its vehicles. This particular material is also used in the civil building trade because of its high insulating power. With LAIKA KREOS motor-homes, it is possible to journey without problems at very low temperatures, also thanks to the LAIKA THERMO CAB SYSTEM, which is realised by means of a system of heating vents in the cabin and an insulating and sound-proof panel that separates the driving cabin from the motor compartment. Another very important element for completely isolating the driving cabin area is the LAIKA ISO-ROLLUP electric insulated windshield blind (optional) which is added to the standard insulated windshield blind, thus creating an air space between the two protection systems, with a cushion of warm air that increases the thermal protection. The entire system is completely in an anti-freeze position in both the ALDE and TRUMA versions existing of the KREOS 8010.

For this unusual experiment, which will take the KREOS 8010 towards Arctic destinations, Laika wishes to thank all the partners who have provided accessories, such as Iveco, Webasto, SFC (Efoy), Teleco Group, CBE, Larcos, and AvMap.

The journey will start officially from Stockholm on January 15, in concomitance with the CMT, a German trade fair dedicated to tourism, in order to reach the Scandinavian. peninsula by travelling across Germany and Denmark. Once it enters Sweden, the vehicle will continue northward in order to reach the Arctic Polar Circle near the small Finnish town of Rovaniemi, where the Santa Claus Village is located.

From there it will proceed towards the heart of Swedish Lapland, in particular towards Kiruna and Jokkmokk, where it will have important engagements at the end of January, such as the Jokkmokksmarknad, the reindeer market at Jokkmokk, and the Snow Festival.

For years, the roads around Kiruna have represented the test circuit for vehicles of the Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo. On these circuits and in severe climatic conditions, it will be possible to try out the new KREOS 8010 and all the pieces of equipment on board, both standard ones and the components installed especially for the journey.

The KREOS 8010, driven by a person who has vast experience in travelling under climatic conditions that are mostly below zero for long periods of time, will continue even further north, in the direction of Alta and Hammerfest, in order to attempt - weather conditions permitting - to reach both the island of Mageroya and Nordkapp, the latter being a locality at a latitude of 71°10’21” that is the northernmost point in Europe.

Day by day, the stages of the journey, the tests and the trials of the vehicle will be documented in CamperOnLine at and in CamperOnLine Magazine, accompanied by pictures from film clips in order to describe noteworthy moments of the Laika Arctic Experience., which originated in 1998, thanks to the growing offer of services that it provides to the very wide on-line community, is the reference portal for the sector. Ranging from information news to editorial techniques, from interactive services for the community of families who travel in campers to bulletin boards for private individuals and professional persons, offer also through its other channels - such as for sales offers and CamperOnLine Magazine for in-depth analyses - the most complete and authoritative informational space on line for lovers of Plein-Air holidays.  

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