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01 October 2014

Carthago Chic now even more stylish: Chic C-Line II

A new generation of Chic C-Line launched for 2015 season

Carthago Launch Carthago C-Line Second Generation

The Carthago Chic now even more Stylish with the launch of the second generation C-Line for the 2015 season

The heart of the motorhome model range from Carthago is celebrating its birthday: this year the chic series A-Class has turned ten years old. For this occasion, the chic c-line shall be presented to the model year 2015 as a new generation II, with modern and distinctive front mask.

The successful model is celebrating its jubilee

It has made history: including its sisters e-line and s-plus, since its premier in 2004 Carthago has produced about 7,500 chic models. The era of the chic began with an innovation rate typical for Carthago: in 2002 the brand presented the chic as alcove motorhome and the semi-integrated chic followed one year later. One year after that, the integrated chic followed and heralded a new era.

"Elegance on wheels" is what a motorhome magazine wrote about the look of the integrated in the upper middle range. It shows the stylistic influences for this vehicle range until today.

The Carthago chic does not only distinguish with its looks: double floor, AL-KO-low frame chassis, highly stable full-aluminium sandwich with RTM insulation, floor plan with bathroom - these proven features still characterise the chic c-line ten years later. Even the basic design has been used for ten years in the mean time: elegantly curved A-pillars emerge from the radiator mask and headlights and provide the chic with a unique face.

Carthago has continued to develop the chic slightly over the years. In 2008, the chic developed to a family with the chic c-line, chic e-line and the chic s-plus. Three years later, the three-axle chic c-line XL arrived. With regard to optic, comfort and technology, the c-line and its sisters gained in maturity and refinement year-on-year.

Distinctive face: the new generation II of the chic c-line

But now it is time for a new chic c-line. It takes the strengths of the successful series and develops them even further. The new radiator mask with large air openings is highly visible. In the centre of focus of the self-confident appearance of the new chic c-line is the basic trapezium shape with chrome-plated grille. The new radiator grille of the vehicle takes on style elements from the premium passenger car class. The transition from the radiator grille over the round headlights to the A-pillars is as harmonic as ever. Chrome also decorates the fog lights in the lower area of the bumper.

Even when the distinctive radiator grill draws attention to itself - the windscreen raised by nine centimetres above it is no less important. In this manner, the new integrated does not only provide an excellent view of the road to the front but also diagonally upwards - when looking at the next traffic light, traffic signs or the landscape when travelling on holiday or at the pitch.

The brand-typical high living value from the large serial fold-down bed above the front seats is not influenced by the higher window: The developers have withdrawn the trim of the roof shells and positioned the bed higher. The record-breaking bed dimension of 1.950 x 1,600 mm is maintained in this manner.

Even more independence: 170 litre fresh water tank.

With the generation II, the chic c-line has also been extended with regard to self-sufficiency. 170 litre fresh water tank on board as well as the 2 standard 80 AH gel batteries permit great independence from external supply sources. The storage spaces arranged extra large in the living area and in the double floor are also an important comfort feature for free and independent travelling.

Further development of living area and equipment details

Those travelling in the new chic c-line profit from more new details. When walking through the new living room door that is even wider, you will be impressed by the new design seats with a cabinet on the side. The coffee machine lift in the kitchen now offers space for a Nespresso machine as a new option.

Further changes in detail refer to the equipment. The integrated are provided with an LED light strip under the fold-down bed for lighting with more atmosphere. Models with single beds are provided with a large shelf that runs along the head side of the sleeping area, and a respectively newly positioned reading lamp.

In some cases, the furniture, kitchen and bathroom of the integrated have already been upgraded significantly last year - the keyword here is, amongst others, the changing room concept.
These components will be staying the same with regard to continuity of the model for model year 2015.

New weight-optimised double floor

Even the c-line profits from the new Carthago double floor: the bottom of both base plates still comprises a robust GRP full sandwich with highly effective insulation made from RTM hard foam. Carthago now manufactures the top base plate from a sandwich with upper and lower side made from plywood as well as additional insulation. Weight-optimised milled cross-beams made from steel replace the existing infilling from wood. Both together proverbially increase the stability of the Carthago cabin even more and reduce the weight at the same time.

Chassis technology of the premium class, top equipment

Is also almost impossible to improve, for example, the acknowledged exemplary chassis technology with a full aluminium sandwich with hail-proof GRP roof and rotting resistant GRP underside. All models are equipped with a fully fledged level double floor with air-conditioning storage and based on an AL-KO low frame.

For a motorhome that has race and class such as the c-line, comprehensive standard equipment is a matter of course. Being the drivers door or fold-down bed above the front seats, if the body door is equipped with security double locking or the spacious rear garage with load-bearing floor, lashing system with socket, being a bathroom with changing room or even a bathroom, high capacity heater Truma Combi 6 or power supply using two on-board batteries and the LED lighting, the safety package with airbags for the driver and passenger sides as well as ESP (except three-axle vehicles) and the appropriate engine capacity of the basic vehicle Fiat Ducato with 96 kW (130 HP) - the chic c-line leaves nothing to desire.


2015 Carthago Chic C-Line Generation II Motorhome