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Welcome Speech at Carthago City Factory Opening

The New Headquarters at Carthago-City

29 January 2013

Carthago Moves into New Motorhome Headquarters

In December the showroom, in January production, early February the company headquarters

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Step by step, motorhome manufacturer Carthago is moving into its new home, Carthago-City, in Aulendorf, Upper Swabia, Germany. That which fails for some major projects goes like clockwork at Carthago: all departments moved to the new site exactly according to schedule.

No wonder when the Managing Directors themselves lend a hand. It is the new landmark on the edge of the town of Aulendorf: with its striking combination of glass areas and a red shell, the Carthago company headquarters attracts attention to itself.

The architecture blends in well with the design-oriented image of the brand and the colour is part of the company logo. The four-storey main building measures 60 by 13 meters. Here, approximately 130 people are employed, who run the company with its factories in Aulendorf and Slovenia.

The typical characteristics of the company are openness, and this attitude is reflected in the architecture of the new headquarters. Both the outward appearance and the interior of the building have an equally modern, inviting and practical design. The colours white and anthracite grey as well as furniture with maple fronts dominate the look.

The inviting foyer extends over three floors. In the two wings to the left and right, the employees have well-lit, spacious, air-conditioned workplaces. Near the atrium above the foyer, there are "communication islands" and staff rooms located on every floor. One of the other centrepieces of the building is the new computer centre in the basement. The more than 400 employees in Carthago-City in Aulendorf have their own staff restaurant. It is situated right next to the headquarters and offers space for 140 people.

Environmentally friendliness also played an important role in planning Carthago-City. For example, overall energy consumption is at least 20 per cent below the legal limits. The energy supply is based on the company's own gas-fired combined heat and power station (CHP). In addition to this, there is a large photovoltaic system on top of the production hall.

Premium manufacturer Carthago invests 25 million Euros in its new site. Carthago-City encompasses the company headquarters, the production plant, the showroom, the service centre and outdoor facilities, including an attractive motorhome car park for the customers of the company.  All buildings were newly constructed and many new systems were installed.

The new Carthago-City site lies only a few kilometres away from the major road B 30 half-way between Ulm and Friedrichshafen. The address is: Carthago Ring 1, 88326 Aulendorf, Germany, and the new telephone number as of 11 February is (00 49) (0) 75 25/92 00-0.



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