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Laika Build their 20,000th Ecovip Motorhome

Laika Build their 20,000th Ecovip Motorhome

April 2011

Laika Build their 20,000th Ecovip Motorhome

On the 6th of April the 20,000th Laika Ecovip came out from the Tuscan assembly line

On the 6th of April 2011 the 20.000th Laika Ecovip came out from the Tuscan assembly line. Ecovip is Laika's epoch-making coachbuilt range, designed and built by the Tavarnelle Val di Pesa motorhome manufacturer, which is a leader in high-class leisure vehicles.

It was in 1992 when Laika first launched the Ecovip series on the market. The Ecovips were originally built on Ford chassis and they offered innovative components like the patented, multifunctional and streamlined connection profiles or a new sliding dinette with overturning system thanks to which all passengers could sit facing the front. One of the essential characteristics that would mark the Laika Ecovips over the years was introduced from the very beginning, namely the large overcab with two front windows.

During the nineties, the Laika Ecovips became extremely popular in many European countries. Later in the '90s, the Ecovip coachbuilts were offered on a Fiat and Iveco chassis with twin-wheels.

Laika introduced a first restyling on the Ecovip series in 2001: both Ecovip vehicles on Fiat Ducato and the ones equipped with Iveco engines, were restyled and the choice for internal layouts was increased, as well as their storage facilities.

The Ecovip series proved to be the luxury coachbuilt line suitable for the most demanding families.

But the history of the prestigious Ecovip range does not end here. In 2006 Laika introduced the third generation Ecovip, even more advanced and innovative compared to the previous one. The basic philosophy of the new Ecovip models did not change in comparison to the former Ecovips: they still were luxury vehicles with a new fascinating look, and with a definitely higher functionality and comfort level. The main feature of this range still remained the overcab, extremely large and with two windows on the front.

Despite the fact that nearly 20 years have passed from its first market launch, Ecovip still has a matchless style and its customers are always increasing as shown by registration numbers. This is a clear sign of the strong vitality of this brand, which was able to renovate itself as the years went by. Purchasing an Ecovip is still like making a valuable investment, as it keeps a high value over the years. Even nowadays it is possible to see 15 year old Ecovips that almost look like brand-new vehicles.

Laika would like to thank every Ecovip owner for the preference given to Laika over the years and for the confidence shown towards a range which continues to mark important stages in the history of the winged-dog company. The Laika Ecovips will continue to give great satisfactions both to its owners and to Laika. Also in the coming decades.