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21st April 2008

F1 Driver Sebastian Vittel Behind The Wheel of His New Concorde Charisma Motorhome





F1 newcomer Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of his new Concorde Liner

Sebastian Vettel joins F1 Concorde owners club

The Third Formula One Driver joins the Concorde Motorcaravans Stable

Concorde motorhomes are proving increasingly popular in the world of motor racing.

Drivers looking for luxury accommodation as well as transport, as they travel from one event to another during the Grands Prix season, are turning to motorhomes as a luxurious and practical alternative to hotels.

Former British Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell is a long-term Concorde customer, as is Ralf Schumacher. Now German Grands Prix star Sebastian Vettel has joined the ranks of Formula One Concorde owners, collecting his new motorhome from the Concorde factory in Asbach, West Germany in April.

At just 20 years old, Sebastian Vettel, who drives for the Formula One Torro Rosso Ferrari team, does not yet have a driving license for the 7.5 ton Liner 990. While he is waiting to take his test, the team chauffeur will be driving him to European events.

Vettel is no stranger to motorhomes. He spent most of his childhood travelling around Europe to motor racing events in his parents’ Concorde. Now he is delighted to have his own luxury home on wheels. “ For me the Concorde Liner is perfect because I save time not having to commute from race tracks to hotels and vice versa which means I can spend more time with the team engineers, allowing me to work with them more intensively” , he says.

Dealing with the pressures of Formula One makes time away from the race track important for relaxation. Vettel is looking forward to the comfort and privacy offered by his new motorhome. “I can relax better in my vehicle, everything is arranged as I like it. I have all my personal belongings around me,” he explains. And nor does he have to sacrifice the luxury of staying in a hotel: “On the contrary, the Liner offers more comfort than many hotels,” he says.

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