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Mattias Ekstrom Gives His Concorde Liner Motorhome The Thumbs Up

Mattias Ekström Gives His Concorde Liner Motorhome the Thumbs Up

16th November 2013

Mattias Ekström Drives a Concorde Liner

German Touring Car Championship Racing Driver Goes on Tour in his Motorhome

After ten years in the German Touring Car Championship, racing driver Mattias Ekström has had enough of hotel bedrooms.

Like Formula 1 World champions Sebastian Vettel and Nigel Mansell or French Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb before him, Mattias has now migrated to a motorhome, or more precisely a Concorde Liner 1140G-Mini.

"A private home on four wheels has always been my dream " said the Swede who confirmed the 200HP Liner would now accompany him to all the DTM races. This years German Touring Car calendar sees four races oversees including Holland, Austria, Spain and Great Britain too.

Ekström is keen on the practical advantages of a motorhome . "I am all right now that I can have my stuff in the wardrobe like always and I'll also be able to take my two dogs with me too. The Concorde will give us all a bit more room to play." said Ekstrom.


Racing Driver in His Concorde Liner 1140G-Mini Motorhome