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24th June 2006

F! Ace Rallp Schumacher in front of His Concorde Motorhome

Not so fast Mr Schumacher!

F1's Schumacher becomes Concorde Charisma Owner

Monday saw another celebrity joining the Concorde family, when Ralf Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher's younger brother, collected his brand-new Concorde Charisma from the company's premises in Aschbach.

"Schumi II" arrived in the afternoon in a specially chartered Learjet that carried him from his home town Salzburg to land in Nuremberg. He then made his way to Aschbach, where the Toyota driver not only had to decide whether a Charisma or a Liner suited him better, but was also invited on a tour of the premises.

After listening to the competent advice given by Managing Directors Jochen Reimann and Reinhard Löhner, Ralf Schumacher decided in favour of a Charisma 840 F with deluxe furnishings and equipment. When asked why he had chosen a Concorde, the 30 year-old racing driver replied: "Concorde simply offers the best value for money."

An incident worth mentioning in passing: in spite of Service Manager Armin Dietz's urgent reminder that the Charisma is a motorhome and by no means a Formula 1 racing car, Ralf Schumacher's departure from the Aschbach premises was soon followed by an inquiry as to why the engine ceased to accelerate at 140 km/h. We still hope that he will enjoy his Charisma and wish him "bon voyage"!

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