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Concorde launch New Concorde Credo at NEC Birmingham

The prefect entry into the Premium Class of motorhomes

2015 Concorde Credo Interior Lounge
2015 Concorde Credo Interior Kitchen

The all new Concorde Credo Motorhome, the smallest motorhome model in the Concorde range

Luxury isnít a question of size. The proof has always been in the Concorde Credo. The Credo has all the features that also set the large Concorde Motorhomes apart.

Concorde's entry model has just been thoroughly revised. Shown for the first time at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon in September,  Southdowns are bringing the new smaller Concorde to the NEC Motorhome show in October 2014.

New features include the exterior design with a succinct front and rear and a 5.0 ton Iveco Daily chassis base with a particularly high carrying capacity. Add to this a number of technical innovations and the renowned quality outfit and you have a stunning new motorhome.

It is the smallest of the Concorde motorhome range, but it is typical Credo, it is typical Concorde.

The Credo has been completely overhauled. This includes entirely new front and rear faces, the new Iveco Daily 50C15 chassis, four new layouts with new interior furniture, an improved electrical installation concept as well as absolute luxury class series equipment

Concorde, the luxury motorhome manufacturer from northern Bavarian, has completely reworked its entry level model Credo for the 2015 model year.

The new model shines with a very affordable entry price for this level, starting at approximately £125,000 which nevertheless buys the customer a motor home with respectable premium equipment. It is based on the Iveco Daily 50C15 chassis. This permits an increased payload (to up to 1,400 kg) and its rear wheel drive offers ideal handling characteristics. Moreover, at 147 hp (series) and 170 hp (optional), the Iveco engines are not only very powerful but also very environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

From the outside, it is now recognisable as a typical Concorde motorhome even at first sight. The front and rear faces have been completely redesigned and aligned with the stylish look of its larger Concorde siblings. Special characteristics include the prominent bonnet, the chrome applications and the LED lighting with fog lights, as well as the standalone bumpers.

Four new layouts have been launched. The models (761H, 791L, 790H and 840H) have a length between 7.65 and 8.45 metres and a width of 2.33 metres. Two of the layouts (791L and 840L) offer single beds and two (761H and 790H) have transverse rear bed across the back. Two models (790H and 840L) also feature a newly developed full width premium bathroom with separable, open sanitary chamber in the vehicle's centre with corner shower, detached washbasin and separate toilet.

The entire interior is completely new and follows the line of the larger Concorde siblings Carver and Charisma, among others with the cabinet body in Wenge design and upper cabinet front panels in Senosan 'High Gloss' cream white. The object floor covering with nautical decking look does not only provide 'yachting flavour', it also guarantees optimal walking comfort, insulation and durability. And while we're at it, let's not forget to point out the accessible 'one level concept' for the double floor. It goes without saying that the new Credo also has the self -contained user-friendly dashboard developed in-house by Concorde.

The new and optimised electrical installation concept with self-explanatory technology supports Concorde's endeavour to provide its customers with sophisticated high-tech vehicles that are extremely easy to use. Concorde's lightweight construction also finds application in the kitchen area. The Credo series has been fitted with a newly designed kitchen with a robust mineral composite worktop in lightweight construction and a narrow pull-out pantry. All drawers work conveniently with soft-servo close. Waste disposal is functionally integrated. In its basic version, the entire Credo resembles its even higher quality siblings in the Concorde family.

Among others, the Credo features the following luxury furnishings even in the standard version: Electric front roller blinds, an ALDE warm water central heating system, a 300W AC converter, and the cassette toilet with ceramic bowl. With the new Credo, Concorde once again raises the bar for entry-level luxury class motorhomes by another few notches.



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