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Calor Gas Shop

Gas Bottles for your Motorhome and so much more from the UK's leading Camping Gas LPG Suppliers

Southdowns are pleased to recommend and supply Calor gas.

Calor have over 70 years experience in supplying LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), and  is the market leader in the industry, in fact most of the motorhomes that we supply and service here at Southdowns are fitted with Calor Gas bottles.

These days most customers fit Propane gas (rather than Butane gas) to their motorhome as it has a lower freezing point than Butane and so helps prevent your gas from freezing when it gets too cold (just when you really need it!!). If you are going somewhere very cold, then even your Propane may freeze! Talk to us about a solution to this problem, we can help.

For most motorhomes the 6kg or 13Kg bottles are the most popular, we always endeavour to keep these two popular sizes in stock. We can either supply new bottles or exchange your existing empty bottles for new full ones.

For further details please Contact Us by telephone or email.