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Pioneer AVIC-X1RBT Satellite Navigation AV System

State of the Art Sat Nav AV System

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Get Europeís most advanced hard disk satellite navigation, communication, music and entertainment centre in your motorhome.

Itís the first navigation system to intelligently recognise and store your frequently-used journeys (so no need to re-input regular routes), and covers 26 countries, detailing 3.2 million points of interest (with selected contact numbers, whilst re-routing you to avoid traffic congestion.

You also have the ability to store up to 160 hours of music on the systemís Hard Disk Drive and select them by voice; control a mobile phone hands-free and be entertained through a versatile range of music formats - including the content of your iPod.

If it is the ultimate in in-car ease, comfort and convenience that you want, the AVIC-HD1T is the system you need.

From £2299.00

Click here to download the 2006 Pioneer Satellite Navigation brochure (2.3 MB PDF)

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