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The Maxview Free to Air Satellite Receiver

Maxview Free to Air Digital Satellite Receiver (MXL020)

A Digi-Box for your Motorhome if you choose to leave you Sky Box at Home

Receives over 200 UK TV & Radio Channels* (on ASTRA 2 satellite)
Includes all BBC & ITV channels
Plus 1000's of other channels
Includes Infrared sensor ideal for hidden installation -
Only the remote 'eye' needs to be visible(MXL020)
Receive broadcasts from ASTRA 1, ASTRA 2, HOTBIRD, EUTELSAT and many more
No contract required
12v & mains operation
Compact 230mm x 135mm x 40mm

Ideal for Non encrypted Free To Air programs like BBC and ITV.
Compact size, measures only 210mm x 135mm x 40mm.
Super fast video text.
Favourite Lists.
Multi-function Timer.
Fast boot process.
Quick channel changing.
Last channel memory.
Channel list editor
Parental lock.
Includes remote control with batteries
12V power supply, cigarette adaptor and instructions

Further Information
If you do not want to subscribe to Sky Digital transmissions, then a "Free to Air" receiver will allow you to receive non-encrypted programs from the Astra satellite, and from other satellite providers.

This small FTA satellite receiver will allow you to watch over 200 FTA programs from the Astra satellite, programs that include BBC1,2,3,4,Cbeebies, ITV1,2,3,4, Sky News, CNN, to name but a few.

Mini Digital Satellite Receiver with 12V Cigar Lighter Plug and 230V adapter. The MXL020 is a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) receiver, for receiving Digital Satellite broadcasts. The unit is compact in size, measuring only 210mm x 135mm x 40mm and can be powered from 12Vdc and 230Vac (with adapter supplied).

PLEASE NOTE : At the time of writing (March 2008) Channel 4 and Channel 5 are still encrypted, so are not available to be viewed on this satellite receiver.

For further detail please Contact Us by telephone or email.

Maxview, Omnisat 54 cm Portable, Omnisat 66 cm Portable, Maxview Free-to-Air Digital satellite Receiver

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