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Mandi Smith Southdowns Housekeeper

Mandi Bottle

Motorhome Valetter

Interviewed in Spring 2015

Former Southdowns housekeeper Mandi, has now joined the valeting team.

Q What made you decide to change jobs?
When Tinel and Danny were taken on to do cleaning and maintenance about six months ago, I moved on to the valeting team which was desperately in need of another pair of hands. I have always helped out cleaning the motorhomes when I was needed but now Iím doing it full time. I start early - 7.00am - and finish at 3.30pm which means I can look after Keira my granddaughter in the afternoons. That means I spend a lot of time with her which is great for both of us!

Q What does your new job involve?
A As part of the valeting team, Iím responsible for helping keep all the motorhomes clean and tidy. Customers are put off straight away if vehicles donít look their best so we make sure all the vehicles in the showroom and the yard look well cared for. With customers constantly viewing the motorhomes they can quickly get grubby inside. We are also responsible for getting vehicles ready for handover to customers and we clean the motorhomes that we take in part exchange and get them ready to go in the showroom. With used vehicles I make sure all the curtains and fittings are clean and in good repair - and if there are running repairs to be done to the soft furnishings I do those too.

Q How has the company changed since you joined in 2011?
A The company has expanded since I joined four years ago and we now have more staff, more vehicles and are generally busier. Last year Southdowns took on new workshop premises close to the Motorhome Centre which meant the parts store moving to give us space for an indoor valeting bay. Itís nice to be inside but itís far too small. Now Iím looking forward to the next move - to a larger workshop - later in 2015, where we will have a much bigger purpose-built space for valeting and where we can work on more than one motorhome at a time. It will make a big difference.

Mandi lives in Anchorage Park and married Southdowns Workshop Manager Andy Bottle in August last year.

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Mandi Smith Southdowns Housekeeper