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Jeanette Haines Southdowns Financial Controller

Jeanette Haines

Financial Planning

Jeanette retired after many years service to the company as Financial Controller, but recently returned to work part time to help with our Financial Planning.

This was the interview Jeanette gave whilst she was running the Accounts Team. We will catch up with her again soon, to ask her how semi-retirements is treating her and to ask her about her dogs.

Q When did you join Southdowns and how has the company changed in that time?
A I joined Southdowns in 2008. As financial controller, I'm responsible for the bulk of the accountancy-related work involved in running the company, with part-time help when the workload gets particularly heavy. Since then, despite a difficult economic climate that has seen many small companies fail, Southdowns has doubled its turnover, creating new financial challenges. I now have to be more proactive than ever before, ensuring I'm aware of what's coming in and going out and keeping a constant track of cash flow.

Q How has your job changed since you joined the company?
A I am more involved in the sales side of the operation than I used to be. When I first started at Southdowns I generated all the customer invoices. Now, with a dealer management system in place, despite the fact that the sales team are generating their own invoices, I still have a supervisory role, ensuring invoices are correctly and efficiently processed and making certain cash flow is effectively maintained.

Q Six years is a long time with one company, so what has made you stay?
A Despite the expansion of the business in recent years, the company still manages to retain its individual culture. There is definitely a 'Southdowns type' and that means being prepared to work hard, think on your feet and use your initiative - if people don't fit in they don't stay long. Judging by the number of people who have been with the company for more than five years, the people who do fit in are happy to stay.

Jeanette lives in Bedhampton and enjoys spending her spare time with her four grandchildren.

Jeanette can be contacted on :
Accounts Direct Line number: +44 (0)2392 674827
Southdowns Switchboard Number: +44 (0)2392 674820


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