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14th November 2011

Bailey Motorhomes Designed to be Driven -The Chassis

New Approach SE Motorhome Uses AL-KO AMC Chassis

Bailey will be fitting the AL-KO AMC chassis as standard in all of the models of its first motorhome range, the Approach SE.

The AL-KO AMC chassis is designed specifically for use in the motorhome market. The flexibility of the system means Bailey can choose from a wide range of wheel base variations and track widths to tailor the platform to suit the specific needs of each of the models in the range.

Designed very much with driver comfort in mind the AL-KO AMC chassis conversion provides a number of key benefits which will enhance the enjoyment of the vehicle Most notably these include:- · The low-line chassis reduces the centre of gravity of the motorhome which in turn will improve stability, road holding and cornering performance. · The wider track suspension provides a better balanced weight distribution improving braking efficiency and wheel grip. · The chassis has been specially engineered to provide maximum strength and stability within the lightest possible frame. It is therefore notably lighter than the original manufacturer’s version ensuring that increased user payloads are achievable for all models.

The bespoke nature of the system allows the integration of the vehicle services, on-board water and waste tanks and where appropriate, seat belt mounting points for the rear passengers. The result is better more userfriendly vehicle designs

Pre-production models, featuring the AL-KO AMC chassis, have been subjected to a series of accelerated life and structural tests at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground to ensure that the performance of the new designs has been thoroughly evaluated prior to launch. Following the crash test simulation testing at the Millbrook Proving Ground Bailey has also added extra outriggers to the chassis to further strengthen the floor in the dedicated rear passenger seating areas.

Bailey Motorhomes Cold Chamber Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02Bailey Motorhomes Crash  Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02Bailey Motorhomes Crash  Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02