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14th November 2011

Bailey Motorhomes Road Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 01 Bailey Motorhome Logo

Bailey Motorhomes Extensive Road Testing Programme

Bailey Motorhome Prototype Completes a Simulated 6 Year Structural Endurance Test at Millbrook Proving Ground

Bailey has spent the past nine months developing the Alu-Tech body shell construction system for use in the production of motorhomes.

The system provides the same benefits in terms of enhanced performance as it does for our caravan ranges but naturally it needs to be modified to suit the specific needs of the motorhome. To assess the initial designs performance in the field, a prototype vehicle was subjected to a series of accelerated life tests at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground. Bailey already has an established relationship with Millbrook, through the testing of the original Alu-Tech caravans and as a result, it was the obvious venue in which to put the first Bailey motorhome through its paces.

The motorhome was therefore subjected to a standard automotive simulated six year structural durability assessment. The test, specified by Millbrook themselves, took over two weeks to complete and covered seven different areas, these are: Pave, Kerb Strikes, Pot Holes, the High Speed Circuit, Driveway Ramps, Twist Humps and the Hill Route.

The inputs experienced during the 1085 miles of testing on the Millbrook facilities simulates 6 years service use and provides Bailey customers with confidence in the structural integrity of the vehicle. The results were recorded at regular intervals throughout the test sequence to identify the areas of strength and weakness in the new construction system.

This is the first of three phases of testing carried out at Millbrook Proving Ground to ensure that every element of the design has been thoroughly evaluated before bringing the finished product to market.  This test was followed by Cold Chamber Testing and Crash Testing.

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