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14th November 2011

Bailey Motorhomes Designed to be Driven -The Bodyshell

New Approach SE Motorhome Uses Bailey's Own Patented Alu-Tech Construction Techniques

Bailey motorhomes will be coach-built using the same high performance Alu- Tech construction system used in our existing touring caravan ranges.

The result of one of the most comprehensive product design programmes the industry has ever known, the Alu-Tech construction system is seen by many as one of the most significant developments in leisure vehicle production technology for over thirty years.

Over the past twelve months Bailey has been working on modifying the Alu- Tech system using the latest 3-D modelling computer software to specifically suit the needs of a motorhome. The resulting vehicles have then been subjected to a series of accelerated life and structural tests as well as being given a thorough examination in a climate control chamber at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground to ensure that every aspect of the new designs have been thoroughly evaluated.

The result is a vehicle that is triumph of engineering and technological advancement that offers real advantages of ownership in terms of performance and longevity.

Most notably these include:-


Thicker body shell panels featuring superior grade polystyrene, plus additional localised insulation in traditional cold spot areas have greatly enhanced the thermal properties of the caravan. As a result all motorhomes built using the Alu-Tech construction system have achieved the Grade III Classification of Thermal Insulation for EN1646-I*, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as making your vehicle more economical to own.


Engineered to ensure it remains weatherproof and structurally sound, the Alu- Tech body shell sets new standards in durability.

Starting with an interlocking aluminium framework that cuts the number of external joints and fixing points by 90%, every conceivable effort has been made to reduce the number of potential water access points and thus improve the overall integrity of the protective shell. While timber free body shell panels featuring a composite plastic internal skeleton offers a second line of defence, limiting the impact any possible ingress may cause.

The bodyshell assembly, including the interface sections between cab and habitation area, consists soley of fully laminated panels cloaked in a GRP outer skin enhancing both the strength, durability and rigidity of the structure.

So confident are we of the performance of this new shell that it comes supplied with a market leading 10-Year integrity guarantee** - providing you with additional peace of mind by protecting your investment.

Bailey Motorhomes Cold Chamber Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02Bailey Motorhomes Crash  Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02Bailey Motorhomes Crash  Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground 02