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26th May 2005

Summer Weddings at Southdowns

Love is in the air...

It's that time of year again, when we all start to dust down those big hats and look out for good discounts on toasters...Yes, the wedding season is upon us and at Southdowns romance is in the air.

This week, congratulations are due to our technician Richard Tumasi and his new wife Eunice, who tied the knot on Friday 27 May.  Southdowns MD Michael Ayling and many of the staff helped the happy couple celebrate their marriage at a ceremony and reception held in London.

A week later, on Friday 3 June, Southdowns accountant Mary Gillespie will be following their example and marrying Paul Stock in Southsea. The happy couple will be splitting their American honeymoon between San Francisco and Las Vegas, so let's hope Mary's head for figures stands her in good stead in the casino.

We wish all our newly-weds every happiness for the future.