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Alistar Darling increases the VAT on Motorhome Purchases

24th October 2009

Buy Now and Beat The VAT

Option One

Wait until the new year and buy your motorhome then. Pay VAT at 17.5% and help Mr Darling fill the hole in the UK Treasury's coffers. Do your bit for the nation - you know it makes sense.

Option Two

Buy Now and Beat the VAT!! Save up to 4000!!  Now that makes even more sense.

On the 1st January 2010, the rate of VAT in the UK increases from 15% to 17.5%. This is due to the temporary reduction introduced on the 1st December 2008 coming to an end. The rate will revert to the pre reduction rate of 17.5%. Whilst there was some speculation for a while that the return to the higher rate would be postponed the increase will now go ahead.

Vehicle that are in stock and available for sale before the year end, can be bought at 15% VAT, whilst in the new year these vehicles will be subject to 2.5% more VAT.

This means that for our low-profile French made Fleurette 72SLB Motorhome there is a saving to be made of 1000 if you Buy it Now & Beat the VAT.

For our top of the range, luxury, German made Concorde Liner 990MS you can save over 4000 if you Buy it Now & Beat the VAT.

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