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Practical Motorhome Magazine Busrtner Ixeo Time it585 Review

Practical Motorhome Magazine put Burstner Ixeo Time it585 against a Chausson Suite Relax

1st September 2013

Drop-Bed Gorgeous - Burstner Ixeo Time it585

Practical Motorhome Magazine reviews two drop-down bed low-profile coachbuilt motorhomes for under 40,000

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"Instead of buying a new entry-level 'van, you get more bang for your bucks by buying a pre-owned coachbuilt with extra goodies, when the high-rollers trade up!"

In the August 2013 issue of Practical Motorhome magazine, their Used Van Challenge, pits two drop-down bed models against each other. The Burstner Ixeo Time it585 and the Chausson Suite Relax.

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Burstner Ixeo Time it585 Drop-Down Bed




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