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Sabine Spitz On her Bike in front of her New Concorde Motorhome

24th June 2006

Sabine Spitz - Mountain Bike World Champion and her new Concorde

Bode Miller has got one, Nigel Mansell, too. It's the same with Ralf Schumacher. And now Sabine Spitz.

Sabine Spitz, The Mountain Bike World Champion 2003 and winner of the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Athens spends her season in a motorhome, a Concorde Charisma 790 H, to be more exact. It seems that Concorde is turning into the brand of ambitious athletes.

Sabine, the 34-year-old woman from Murg-Niederhof in the Southern Black Forest matches Concorde well: she is likeable, well-grounded and, above all, outstandingly successful. What is more, the lover of milky coffee, who at a mere 22 years ran her first mountain bike race, goes in for a kind of sport that is pursued by at least 95 per cent of all Concorde customers. Parallels are obvious. Sabine Spitz behind the wheel of  New Concorde Motorhome

And what does Sabine herself say about her new Concorde? "It's terrific! You feel as if you were taking along your home. So what is there left to say? Maybe just one thing: we are wishing Sabine all the best for the World Cup season 2006 with its highlight during the World Championship in Rotorua, New Zealand, on August 27.

After all, Sabine Spitz has already proven in 2003 that the World Champion's rainbow jersey fits her perfectly.