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Clearing The Snow From  A Concore Motorhome

February 2006

Concorde takes Olympic gold for comfort

It’s official - when it comes to comfort, Concorde motorcaravans are in a class of their own.

According to a report from the BBC, some athletes competing at the Winter Olympics in Sestriere, Italy have shunned the Olympic village - which has been criticised this week for its levels of comfort and cleanliness - and are making their own accommodation arrangements.
Bode Miller - Concorde Sponsored Ski Champion
World Cup skiing champion, Bode Miller, has opted out of the village completely and is staying in his own Concorde motorhome.

Speaking to BBC Sport on 7 February, the American athlete, who is sponsored by the German motorhome manufacturer, said: “The athletes’ village is not a healthy living environment for a competition. The beds are really small and uncomfortable.”

So if you want comfort and relaxation on an Olympic scale - look no further than a Concorde motorhome!

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