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Laika Restyle Kreos Range for 2009 Season

01st January 2009

Laika Restyle Kreos Range for 2009 Season

True Italian Class

The 2009 season Laika Kreos model range has been restyled making the Kreos coach-built and low-profile models even more attractive and modern and re-enforcing there position in the top quality of European motorhomes.

The interiors are nautically inspired and feature dark walnut furniture design with aluminium trims and chrome plated satin finish handles. They also all have elegant 100% LED lighting, creating a bright but energy saving environment. Around the roof lights, on and under cupboards the spot lights make the vehicles even more prestigious.

Spacious living areas as in the Kreos 3003 and 3002 are a typical feature of the new Kreos series. Here the extensive living area can accommodate up to 8 or 9 people. The interior feature a ceiling in special padded upholstery for the nautical boat quality feel. The dirt resistant treatment and insulating treatment just add to the overall effect and quality. The insulating effect together with the padded lounge walls and the Styrofoam wall insulation make these vehicle even more suited to winter use.

Laika have always emphasised their innovative construction methods used to build the over cab luton, where a a dual layer structure with air circulation between the two covers gives better insulation in the vehicle against extremes of both hot and cold weather.

The new 2009 season Kreos range comprises of seven coachbuilt Kreos, the 3001, 3002 and 3003 all built on the robust Iveco Daily 35C14 chassis but is also available with the larger engines 35C18. The low-profile models, the Kreos 3008, 3009, 3010 and 3012 are built on the Fiat Ducato 35 chassis with an option of the Fiat Ducato 40 Chassis.

With their close eye on motorhome ergonomics and without any feature of innovation Laika have developed the kitchen concept they call the 'Laika Gourmet 3000 Project' that includes a four burner domestic cooker with oven, worktop with soft touch laminate materials, spacious work surfaces and well positioned sinks that still enable other people to pass behind someone doing the washing up.

These great vehicles are finished in five prestigious upholstery fabrics including, as you'd expect from this type of quality vehicle, a real leather for that exclusive touch of class.

Click here to download the 2009 season Laika brochure