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Concorde Cruiser C1 Motorhome with new Overcab Pod Launched for 2011

Concorde Cruiser C1 Motorhome with new Overcab Pod Launched for 2011

2nd February 2011

Concorde Launch new Cruiser C1 with Updated Overcab Pod Range

New Overcab Pod for Premium Coachbuilt, the MAN based Concorde Cruiser C1

This vehicle is as fascinating as a coachbuilt can be.

With the Cruiser C1, Concorde have redefined the Premier League of coachbuilts over 7.5 tons. This new coachbuilt catches the eye already at first sight. Powerfully curved, the characteristic features impress with dynamics and elegance as does the whole exterior that has been distinctly upgraded with its fresh style.

When you enter the Cruiser C1 you will find that the interior keeps what the elegant exterior design has promised, with a perfectly smooth transition from outside to inside. Improvements and innovations characterizing the Cruiser C1ís interior are continued in the Linerís living area, where high-grade new furniture is combined with top-quality fabrics and upholstery.

You can choose among twelve new layouts for the Cruiser C1 of the 2011 generation, all characterised by a particular functionality which, in addition to the atmosphere of luxury, is one of the outstanding features of this absolutely top-class coachbuilt

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