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Laika Kreos 4010 Road Test Review

Laika Kreos 4010 Road Test Review

December 2012

Laika Kreos 4010 Road Test Review

Interesting Road Test on Italian Website

We have recently come across an interesting review on the Laika Kreos 4010. One problem, you need to be able to read Italian!!

We have included a link to it here as it is crammed full of load of really good photos.

Click here to see the Laika Kreos 4010 review

 For those of you who don't speak Italian, here what on online translations makes of it:


Kreos, in Greek mythology, was the goddess of dawn. A resonant name, prestigious but at the same time easy to remember: an ideal name for an ambitious project, a flagship range. In the breach by 1999, continuously updated, redesigned and refined appreciated, Kreos represents today one of the widest ranges of the market, with as many as 19 proposals, all at the top of Laika, able to distinguish themselves for a common denominator, the combination of design, innovation and quality materials, but designed to answer different questions posed by a mixed crowd ranging from mature couple to the large family.

 long path, the one made by Laika Kreos series, which saw at least four alternating generations of products and that, over the past four years, has dedicated its attention first to the 3000 series, coachbuilts and profiles to 5000 and 6000, 7000 motorhomes and 8000 to get new profiles hitmakers 3000 and 4000 Kreos Kreos, launched on the occasion of the new commercial season and promotersOnce technical and stylistic solutions are particularly interesting. Offered in 5 variants with lengths between 699 and 749 cm, new profiles are distinguished by the presence of the double technical floor of popular integrated front lowerable cab bed on the ceiling, but also and above all for a careful study on dimensional internal volumes, capable of reinventing popular plants and putting the spotlight on the comfort front livingalways very large, and usability of services, which are also very cared for. These skills, which are found in all new models and which are perhaps best expressed in the brand-new Kreos 4010, object of this CamperOnTest.

I think that probably enough..