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2010 Burstner Ixeo Plus Motorhome Cab photo

Still topping it: The Burstner Ixeo Plus

The success of the Ixeo series has called for an increased use in this segment.

At Burstner the Ixeo Plus celebrates its premiere. A modified, sporty-elegant exterior design with aerodynamic spoiler at the cappuccino and attachments at the rear define its exterior dynamically and self-confidently. With its high quality furniture in walnut Merano décor the Ixeo Plus is geared towards campers who want a bit more.

The standard version comes therefore amongst other things with a drop-down bed which can be lowered and lifted electrically. In addition to the current Ixeo program the Plus series gets the new layout versions it 724 and it 726 G. The smaller model features the more and more popular Queen's bed in the rear which is easily accessible from both sides as it is free-standing.

The centre of the vehicle is reserved for hygiene and bathing pleasure. The comfortable bathing area with a separate shower characterises the model Ixeo Plus it 724. Naturally, all other models of this series have also got separate showers.

Adjacent in the front is an L-shaped kitchen and an equally formed seating arrangement. The rear of the Ixeo it 726 G is dominated by single beds above the standard garage. A spacious washroom as well as an L-shaped kitchen and an L-shaped seating arrangement furnish the front part of the living area.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Ixeo Plus?

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