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2010 Burstner Nexxo Motorhome Photo

Now on a wide track: The 2010 Burstner Nexxo

The Nexxo has been a well-known part of the Burstner line-up for a long time.

In the new season the attractiveness of this low priced entry level motorhome will increase due to the extended layout variations of this series. From now on, the Nexxo will be exclusively built on the Fiat Ducato basis. With the low frame chassis and the wide track specification of the Fiat, the Nexxo will run well and economically.

The main difference to the previous Nexxo versions on Ford basis is that the new motorhomes of this series have a high quality interior in a friendly elm décor finish which matches the premium Viseo models. Altogether the Nexxo offers a respectable comfort and good equipment. The developers of Burstner could achieve an improved spatial perception due to a new colouring of the kitchen. The light furniture fronts above and below make the room look more spacious and emphasise the sporty design.

Optionally all Nexxo versions have now a larger skyroof, the roof light in the front end of the roof, which lets a lot of light in and therefore gives the interior a bright and tidy atmosphere.

The customer can choose between the colours white, silver and champagne for the exterior.

New is for example the layout of the Nexxo t 580 with a total length of 6.24 m and a French double bed as well as a washroom in the rear with toilet and shower and a spacious seating arrangement in the centre which integrates both driver seats. The second extension of the popular series is the t 728 which offers with a length of 7.44 m two single beds in the rear, a comfortable bathroom area with a separate shower as well as an amply dimensioned L-shaped kitchen in the centre of the vehicle and an L-shaped seating arrangement on the driver's side. Additional cupboards make room for a lot of luggage.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Nexxo?

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